Nixeus Moda v2 Compact Mechanical Switch, Soft Tactile Feedback Keyboard Review

A real gaming experience means that you have the best hardware equipment that ensures you can play with full force. As the keyboard is the most used device and witnesses great and rapid clicks, it is critical that the keyboard is durable and long lasting. The design of the keyboard also plays a massive role in how your game will be played and the end result, so you need to pick a keyboard that satisfies each and every requirement and also ensures that your hands do not get tired of its use. One keyboard that guarantees satisfaction with its various features is the Nixeus Moda v2 Compact Mechanical Switch, Soft Tactile Feedback Keyboard. This keyboard is listed as the top best gaming keyboard by techinsider.

Design and Features

Beginning the Nixeus Moda v2 Compact Mechanical Switch Keyboard review, one great feature that must be highlighted is that the keyboard can be used with either a Mac or Windows 7, 8, Vista, and XP PCs as it is compatible with them all.

A fascinating feature of the keyboard includes its mechanical switches, which consist of the brown switch. This ensures that the gamer does not witness any problems while playing a game and has a smooth experience without any missed moves or loss of instructions. The keyboard is also equipped with an impressive switch rating; you can witness 50 million keystrokes, which ensures that the keyboard lasts for a long while and is highly durable for some rough gameplay. The keyboard is both functional and comfortable for use thanks to its incredible design, which ensures that it takes less space on your desk with its tenkeyless design.

The great thing about this keyboard is that it comes with a full three-year warranty in which the company promises to either fix or exchange the keyboard according to the need. You will also get free technical support for any problems with the assistance of the company’s customer representatives.

Performance and Quality

The keyboard has been given a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars, which is a high rating amongst keyboards. Satisfied customers have given a lot of positive feedback about the keyboard, so if you are looking for positive things about the keyboard, you will find these reviews very useful. The performance and quality of the keyboard are fantastic, and it is rated as one of the best you can find. The build of the keyboard is sturdy, and it can take the pressure of intense gaming sessions without breaking quickly. The keyboard also ensures that the softness of the keys and the easy reach allow for smooth gaming. It ensures that the gamers do not witness any miss clicks or skipped instructions.


  • Comes with brown key switches
  • The design of the keyboard is ergonomic
  • It has an incredible polling and response rate
  • The keyboard is lightweight and durable
  • It comes with a six-key rollover and an anti-ghosting feature
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac


  • The keyboard’s cable is not removable
  • Does not include backlight

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