Oh how you have caught my attention.
It was mere chance you passed by me,
and grabbed my heart from my own chest and put it under your
lock and key.
Or was it chance?
I talk, you talk.
We connect and build an affection for one another,
like Legos.
We touch for the first time.
It is a sensation that my body has never felt before.
My body grew hot…..
My heart raced….
I try to control myself as I undress you with my eyes,
My mind paces with thoughts that would normally make a priest go into
Your body accepts my touch, and I move my hand over
you inch by inch……
My hand through your soft hair…
Caress your beautiful face….
My hand gets excited to move to more sultry elements of
Your neck.
Your breast.
Your hips.
Touching your skin sends a current though my fingertips.
I am eager to explore what makes you tick….
What gets you hot…
What turns you on…
It is surprising when you accept my outwardly advances,
proving it takes two to tango.
Is it time?
Am I ready?
The air is still.
The mood is pleasant.
I smile,
you smile back.
You are such a tease how you lick your lips like that.
Your eyes pleasantly move up and down my body.
I read your movements
and anticipate your actions.
Te temperature drops slower than you allow that silk dress
to fall to your ankles.
Time slows down.

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